KOJO’s seasoned production services team can tailor services to your needs and can expertly guide international producers through tax incentives and rebates, local regulations and protocols to ensure a streamlined, cost effective and successful production.

KOJO’s large geographic footprint offers a nationwide solution for international studios, production companies and producers with offices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Offering a holistic solution across special purpose vehicle setup and management, pre-production, production, post production and delivery support to footloose international companies looking to produce film and television in Australia.


Australia has some of the finest screen talent in the world, both in front of, and behind the camera, who are renowned for their can-do attitude, wonderful sense of humour and strong work ethic.

KOJO is connected to a vast network of Australia’s top film and television key creatives, HODs, crew and production vendors, and has strong relationships with unions and talent agencies.


Australia’s locations are diverse and versatile. From salt lakes to moonscapes and dense tropical forests to rugged desert ranges, breathtaking coastlines to sophisticated cityscapes; and an easy double for many parts of the world, from the jungles of South America to the streets of California – KOJO can help source a variety of viable location options.


Australia boasts five major film studio complexes each offering state-of-the-art facilities to meet all production needs. KOJO Studios can also suggest alternative sound stage solutions.


Australia offers a suite of globally competitive screen production incentives that include grants, incentives and tax rebates for eligible Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure across production, post production and VFX. The Australian Government incentives can be combined with state government incentives and funding, and together with a favourable exchange rate, make it a financially attractive proposition to film in Australia.


The Australian Government’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing its successful efforts to contain the spread of the virus resulting in Australia being one of the safest countries for production in the world.

The Australian screen production industry has a comprehensive set of COVID-Safe working guidelines including mandatory controls, informed by the latest government medical advice and State work, health and safety legislation, and detailed, department-by- department range of control measures, and risk assessment tools addressing every aspect of production.


• Advice on Federal and state government screen production incentives and rebates.

• Federal and state government incentive and rebate application preparation and management.

• SPV setup and management.

• Loan out co-producing services and support.

• Casting advice and support services.

• Production management including budgeting and scheduling.

• Identifying and providing early locations advice, formal location scouting and management, and securing permits.

• Assistance with casting and crewing including recommendations for Heads of Department.

• Logistical advice including travel, accommodation, customs, carnets, storage and shipping.

• Travel and immigration advice, and arranging visas and travel exemptions.

• Commercial and legal affairs including negotiation of Enterprise Agreement with the Australian union (MEAA), preparation of production agreement templates, facilitating all contracts with Australian cast, crew, locations, suppliers and facilities and risk management and insurance advice.

• Financial services including assistance with Australian taxation arrangements and tax structuring, registration of production’s Australian company entity, establishment and administration of production bank accounts (local and escrow holding accounts) and administration of payments.

• Risk Management including securing insurances and management of claims.

• Devising COVID-safe plans and management based on both mandatory controls and detailed, department-by-department control measures covering guidance on the number of people on set, shooting in close proximity, use of personal protective equipment, hygiene control measures, medical advice, and travel and transport.


KOJO Studios is also an accredited post production studio with Warner Bros, Fox Studios, Netflix and Amazon Prime. KOJO’s post studio is world renowned having completed 60+ feature films and over 200 hours of television.

Post services include workflow planning, data management, post supervision, editorial, motion design, VFX, DI, virtual production, sound and delivery.

A complete lens to screen solution for international productions. KOJO’s world class post production team can work with producers to build a competitively priced and robust post solution.