‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’ is an action–packed adventure series about teenage ‘danger magnet’ Sam Fox as he braves the wilds from open ocean to deepest jungle, coming face to face with killer sharks, man eating leopards, raging tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, deadly scorpions, giant anacondas and much, much more. Not that Sam goes out of his way to find trouble, trouble seems to find him… wherever he is.

Based on the best selling action adventure books by Australian author Justin D’Ath, this is a series with comedy and heart stopping thrills at every turn.


VFX Before & Afters


  • Evan Clarry
  • Arnie Custo
  • Julie Money
  • Nicholas Bufalo
  • Karl Zwicky
Executive Producer and CEO of SLR Productions
  • Suzanne Ryan
  • Michael Bourchier
KOJO Post Supervisor
  • Kate Butler
KOJO Post Producer
  • Elene Pepper
DI Colourists
  • Marty Pepper
  • Sam Matthews
VFX Supervisor
  • Jess Burnheim
Picture and Sound Post Production
  • KOJO