Where will intrigue take you?

MINI Australia was pleased to join Dark Mofo as a major partner for the 2018 winter solstice festival in Hobart, Tasmania (7 to 24 June).

Since its inception in 2013, Dark Mofo has become an iconic Australian winter destination with attendances in excess of 400,000 in 2017. The festival presents an eclectic international program of music, performances, installations, screenings and exhibitions.

As part of this major partnership, MINI Australia was given the opportunity to activate their brand across three weeks of the Dark Mofo festival. Identifying key characteristics shared between the Dark Mofo and MINI Clubman audiences, MINI joined with KOJO to devise a unique activation that rewarded the curiosity of experience seeking cultural explorers.


Secret Society

Drawing inspiration from many of the mysterious and ritualistic aspects of Dark Mofo, MINI created a secret society that operated within the festival. Dubbed The Society, this secretive group attempted to recruit curious Dark Mofo attendees by offering a series of elevated experiences including tickets to sold out performances, exclusive drink and dining rewards, priority entry to events and complimentary transport. In an unprecedented move, The Society did not feature any MINI branding whatsoever.


The activation began in the lead up to Dark Mofo with the appearance of ambient media (stickers, bill posters, business cards) throughout Hobart, bearing The Society’s insignia along with a mobile phone number. This was accompanied by animated insignias on Dark Mofo’s Instagram Story and billboards at Hobart airport. Upon calling or texting the number, Dark Mofo attendees received their first correspondence from The Society and could opt in to the group to become a member.

Throughout the festival, members waited in anticipation to receive text messages from The Society that detailed the elevated experiences available to them. Some were open to all Society members, while more exclusive rewards were drawn at random from those members who responded with a code word to The Society’s callout.

Utilising minimal paid media, The Society successfully captured the curiosity of Dark Mofo. Over 3 thousand attendees opted in over the 18 days, with nearly 6 thousand entries into exclusive reward opportunities. Society members responded in droves when called upon, many forming lengthy queues at participating venues as they attempted to discover who was behind this secretive group. The Society also achieved remarkable organic reach, with members excitedly sharing their adventures and the insignia across social media.

An accompanying content piece sent to all Society members signified the end of The Society’s appearance at Dark Mofo for 2018. This final correspondence from The Society showcased members taking part in a range of elevated experiences and also served to reveal MINI Australia as the creative force behind the intriguing activation.

In the words of The Society, stand by for further correspondence!