This international release starring Kevin Bacon follows a family that unknowingly awakens an ancient supernatural entity on a Grand Canyon vacation, and must fight for survival when it follows them home. It’s the type of movie best enjoyed through the cracks of your fingers.

Our post-production services were focused on data management, editorial, VFX, online, grade and sound for the film.



  • Jason Blum
  • Greg McLean
  • Bianca Martino
Head of DI
  • Marty Pepper
Post Production Supervisor
  • Elene Pepper
Data Manager
  • Scott Heysen
VFX Supervisor
  • Marty Pepper
VFX Producer
  • Bree Whitford Smith
  • Stuart MacKenzie
VFX Editor
  • Alex Pepper
Creature Concept Artist
  • Brodie McCrossin
Texture Artist
  • Petur Arnorsson
Fur Groomers
  • Arthur Moody
  • Mohit Sherman
  • David Smith
VFX simulations
  • Brad Pickford
Lighting TD
  • Eleni Taylor
Additional Roto and Paint
  • Rotomaker
Additional Simulations
  • Fin Design
Creature Modellers
  • Brodie McCrossin
  • David Smith
  • Harsh Borah
Lead Compositors
  • Emily Probert
  • Mark Holman-Harris
  • Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
  • Jack Troisi
  • Mark Dickson
  • Richard Coburn
  • Sam Matthews
  • Jake Barton
  • Eric Hawksley
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