Earlier this year, KOJO delivered Universal Studio’s “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” after nearly two years of dedicated work. The film premiered globally on Netflix this past April.

Filming took place in Melbourne, with post-production split between KOJO’s Melbourne and Adelaide studios. Our team managed picture post-production, DI colour, project supervision, and international delivery for the film.

During production, media was managed overnight from KOJO’s Melbourne studio to provide colour-timed viewing dailies to Universal, the on-set crew, and the editing team by the following day. Once the picture edit was locked, KOJO handled the delivery of over 800 visual effects shot pulls that were distributed across three vendors in two countries to complete the character animation.

Marty Pepper, KOJO’s Executive Director of Post-Production & VFX, served as the film’s colourist. He collaborated with Director Jon Rosenbaum and talented Director of Photography Ross Emery to grade the film and oversee the integration of all VFX shots back into the master timeline.

Supported by an excellent producing team, Jon Kuyper, the executives at Universal Studios, and a highly committed director, Jon Rosenbaum, we are immensely proud of our contribution to this project.

Playing a pivotal role in bringing this nostalgic brand to life was a real privilege for the KOJO team.

For more information about KOJO’s post-production and visual effects services, please contact Lauren van Rensburg at [email protected]

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