nib and Richmond Football Club are both in their own right powerful brands, recognisable to most and each with their own strong following. At the end of 2017, Richmond’s premiership year, nib came on board as the new major sponsor for the Club.

Together these two brands created a formidable partnership, one which KOJO was asked to help launch to mark the beginning of their relationship.

The primary goal of this campaign was to showcase the new partnership and drive value for the nib logo which is prominently featured on the back of the Richmond FC guernsey.

Specifically, this campaign was to:


Assist in driving sales of the 2018 Richmond FC guernsey featuring the nib logo


Build positive awareness with Richmond fans by correlating nib to the Richmond legacy associated with the guernsey


Increase digital presence and drive a mechanism for nib acquisition to attain leads and connect with a new audience that can be retargeted.


When presented with this brief, KOJO tapped into a wealth of storytelling knowledge as well as a strong existing relationship with Richmond FC to develop a compelling and emotional story that makes up the Richmond guernsey.
As we developed the treatment, our strategic and creative team focused on the tradition of the guernsey. The newly crowned premiers have a rich history and one that bleeds yellow and black. Richmond fans, players, staff and anyone involved in the Club demonstrate a special connection and it is represented through this guernsey. This passion and pride resonated well with the nib brand and values and one that we were keen to showcase as part of this partnership piece.

In order to achieve this sense of connection, we set out to capture a cinematic piece by transforming the Richmond Football Club premises to the ideal set, to allow easy access for players and past players. We also utilised the Club’s uniform manager to help set the scene of the piece, this story is about all the people involved and we felt using him as the opening to the piece helped articulate that this special connection is about more than just the players.



Our approach involved interviewing several current Richmond players along with legendary past players to gain insight into the meaning of wearing the yellow sash. Then capturing each of the players putting on their guernsey to highlight the detail of the sash, nib branding and unique angles to see the yellow and black.

The video was designed to coincide with the launch of the 2018 AFL season prior to Round 1. Nib leveraged the video off Richmond’s social channels as well as their own. Across their own channels, the video has fantastic engagement numbers across social media with over 14,600 interactions and had a reach of 168,416.

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