Encounter The Extraordinary


Creature Technology Co. is an expert in the animatronics space, producing technologically sophisticated and lifelike creations for arena spectaculars, stage shows, exhibitions, and more. When it came time to build a new website, they needed a team that could capture and showcase their artistic mastery, while solidifying Creature Technology Co. as an industry leader. KOJO made it happen.

Just like their iconic King Kong animatronic, we scaled new heights in delivering an exciting and engaging digital destination featuring seamless navigation and stunning visuals that left visitors asking, “How is that even possible?” This slick website immediately elevated the brand, giving Creature Technology Co. a platform to attract new international clients and share their work with audiences worldwide.


Unleashing the Brand Video

To complement Creature Technology Co.’s new website, we were tasked with producing a showreel to highlight the company’s unrivalled animatronic expertise. Specifically, we needed to emphasise the intricate detail of these innovative creations, and the hard work that goes into making them.

Given that Creature Tech has brought to life icons including T-Rex, King Kong and a 26ft animatronic Statue of Liberty – this was no small feat. Nevertheless, we were up for the challenge.

We meticulously curated a selection of pre-existing footage, and fused it with fresh imagery to create a highly polished and emotive showreel of cinematic proportions. Meanwhile, bold music, evocative supers and cutting-edge editing helped deliver a finished product that was slick and exciting – and truly captured the wonder of these undisputed world leaders.


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