The trusty barbeque is the cornerstone of the Aussie way of life. So when Weber invited KOJO to their backyard to come up with a new campaign for the iconic Weber Q BBQ, we knew the steaks (a-hem) were high.

We started by thinking about the modern BBQ lover, whose evolving tastes demand so much more than burnt snags. They want variety and versatility – all of which Weber delivers. Because in so many ways, the Weber Q BBQ is more than a BBQ. And that’s what we needed to highlight.

The resulting ad is a food-lovers delight. From prep to plating up, we chart the creation of a range of tantalising meals all being cooked on a Weber Q using Weber accessories. With an upbeat track, mouth-watering content and sharp editing, we build in energy before closing on a birds-eye-view of delicious delights being served to a table of excited family and friends, all seated in the perfect al fresco setting.

The consensus from Weber? It was an ad cooked to perfection!

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