We were presented with an opportunity by KWP! Advertising to showcase South Australia in its first global campaign. Managing production through to post-production, the final TVC and cinema advertising for global markets.

KOJO are lucky enough to be born and raised in Adelaide, meaning we share a great insight into the many the hidden wonders and iconic hot-spots throughout the south.

As a result, we were able to piece together a campaign unveiling the grandeurs of Adelaide while highlighting the closeness of it all, including the culture and the people. The campaign partnered with over 15 travel providers both domestically and globally across Europe, Asia and the US.


  • KWP!
Creative Director
  • James Rickard
  • Corey Swaffer
Art Director
  • Michael Gagliardi
Head of Production KWP!
  • Georgie Toole
Agency Producer
  • Annalise Menzel
Production Company
  • KOJO
Co Director/DOP
  • Ben Dowie
  • David Parkinson
Executive Producer
  • Matt Byrne
  • Elene Pepper
Production Manager
  • Sarah Bond
  • Jes Goninon
Production Designers
  • Tia Penney
  • Zohie Castellano
Editor and Colourist
  • Marty Pepper
Online Editor
  • Marty Pepper
Post Producer
  • Elene Pepper
Post Production Assistant
  • Georgina Cunningham
Original Music
  • The Hilltop Hoods
Sound Design
  • Matt McKenzie-Smith
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